21 02, 2020

3 blinds in a row

Think this A-/B+ list mostly movie actor from an acting family knows the other actor in the family has hit on the wife of the A-/B+ list actor? / This A- list dual threat actor recently picked up a fairly big award. He celebrated by ditching his wife and spending time with a woman who walks dogs. / Speaking of cheating, it looks like this host of multiple shows on differing networks is trading in his long time girlfriend for a flight attendant he has long been hooking up with but decided to make more permanent.

9 02, 2018

2 SAG Awards Blinds

More than one person was busted taking photos of this barely a teenager when she would lean over. The actress, who stars on an almost television show had not worn a bra and at least one of the sick photographers who took a picture is a pap. / The publicist for this married A- list actress gave this red carpet host you all know a bunch of grief because for once in her life the host asked a tough question about a relative of the actress. It is probably the last time the host will ask such a question.

21 02, 2014

She is someone people should be looking to as a role model

The other day someone handed me a slip of paper and on that little note was the amount of money this B list mostly television actress on a fairly hit network show has raised doing charity. She has a very memorable name. She has raised on her own somewhere near $10M and got her fairly recent boyfriend to get his friends to contribute $10M to start a foundation. The thing is none of her charities are sexy and she is out there every single day trying to raise money for her causes and never asks for anything in return. She is someone people should be looking to as a role model if you want an actress to be your role model.