20 Nov, 2022

The injury

He is about to come up with an "injury," that will force him to miss the rest of the year.

19 Sep, 2022

4 blinds in a row

Lots of off duty police work security. / This foreign born A- list model/really bad actress overdosed two weeks ago, but still can't stop using. / Apparently she is a diva when it comes to her drugs too. / Things she was absolutely not allowed to reveal about him.

12 Sep, 2022


She needs to find someone who will make her look good after her last dating debacle.

16 Jun, 2022

3 blinds in a row

She wants to start a micro dosing business / The child murderer changed her job title / He credits his wife's former witchcraft rituals for keeping him playing so long

26 Feb, 2022

He’s been linked to models and actresses so this time they’re aiming for a popstar.

The search is on. This closeted A-list star recently ended a high profile romance with his equally famous girlfriend so now his team is scrambling to score another cutie to tackle those never ending gay rumors. Their playbook is to draft a sexy female public figure to play the role of his girlfriend and their goal is to have the staged paparazzi photos ready by early spring.

23 Dec, 2021

Fiance wants him firmly out of the closet

This athlete has always done his best to make sure he is hiding deep in that proverbial closet. He thought his current girlfriend felt the same way. She is acting like she wants the world to know how their relationship really works and wants him firmly out of the closet.

13 Dec, 2021

False vaccination documents

A television production company/studio says that this A list NFL player provided false documents to them relating to his vaccination status.