This A+ list superhero doesn’t have a new girlfriend.

They keep trying to put him with women they want to see him with, rather than the type of women he likes.

Chris Evans

Fans Don’t Believe Chris Evans Is In A Committed Relationship As New Details Emerge

Fans of Chris Evans don’t know what to believe after new claims of him being in a serious relationship have made it onto the internet.

Earlier this month, the Marvel Cinematic Universe star was rumored to be in a committed romance with a mystery girl from the East Coast.

According to new claims made to celebrity gossip page DeuxMoi, Evans’s rumored girlfriend seems to be heading to Europe, where he is busy filming a movie.

At the beginning of June this year, multiple sources wrote to DeuxMoi, revealing that the MCU actor is currently dating a “nonfamous, nice girl from the East coast area”.

The allegation prompted disbelief and heartbreak among Evans’s fans. After new claims seem to suggest that this mysterious woman is joining Evans in Europe, fans aren’t sure what to believe.

According to the anonymous poster — who didn’t disclose Evans’ name — “this A-list superhero’s girlfriend is coming to Europe for the time they are shooting”.

The actor is currently filming The Gray Man alongside Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas. The film, directed by the Russo brothers, sees Evans as a CIA officer.

“I know for a fact that they initially offered to pay for her flights and everything else, for her to travel to another part of Europe earlier this summer, but she sadly declined,” the source continues.

It didn’t take long for Instagram commenters to figure out which actor the blind item was referring to.

Despite the claims being made, fans don’t think Evans is in a serious relationship. He hasn’t personally addressed the rumors, prompting fans to voice their doubts on the alleged romance.

“They are talking about chris evans but i dont believe anything anymore,” one fan wrote on Instagram. – Source

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