just spoke with the MANAGER of a NUMBER of popular celebrities, and they told us that a VERY BIG NAME urban artist is BROKE.

And we’re not just talking about sort of broke either – we’re talking FLAT BROKE.

The insider told that the “Urban Artist” and his an A-LIST REALITY STAR girlfriend, have been traveling the world acting like they’re as RICH AS JAY Z AND BEYONCE, but things couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’re told the “Urban Artist” borrowed a ton of money for a series of FAILED business ventures, and he was supposed to pay it off with the money from a recent TOUR. But it turns out the the tour is flopping, and so he’s in trouble.

You’d think that his REALITY STAR GIRLFRIEND, would help him pay it off. But we’re told that she doesn’t have NEARLY THE $$ that everyone thinks she has. After splitting the $$ with all her reality co-stars and management . . . she can’t even afford to keep up with her OWN OVER-THE-TOP lifestyle.

We’re told that the couple’s FINANCIAL MESS is about to become public. You see one of the “investors” in the Urban artists failed business ventures is filing a lawsuit . . . and he’s gonna drag dude THROUGH THE FILTH with all the details in the pleadings.

Wow . . . we knew something like this was BOUND to happen to them.Kanye West, Kim Kardashian


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