That’s Not Nice!

Last season, one housewife hired a new social media person to run her accounts for her.

While this social media person was new to this housewife, it was not her first time running social media for a housewife.

In fact the social media person had worked for another housewife on the same franchise as her social media person.

It will be easier to tell this story if I give these people fake names. They are not clues, I’m just going to pick an A, B and C name.

Amy will be the first housewife to use the social media person, Billie will be the second housewife who began using her last season.

And Charlie will be the social media person.

Got it?

So Charlie told Billie everything she learned from having access to Amy’s social media.

Charlie had her email password and would send emails from Amy.

Charlie had all the information on Amy.

A lot of information.

I know this because Charlie tried to sell information to sites that pay for such things and eventually just started giving it to me.

I became frustrated with Charlie because she would give me the tea and I’d write an exclusive only to discover she was also on a large message board blurting out the same “exclusive” information.

So it was no surprise to me when Billie claimed to “have a folder of information” on Amy last season.

She didn’t really disclose much last season, perhaps it was edited out, but this season Billie just keeps on coming for Amy.

While to most viewers it seems Billie’s vitriol comes out of nowhere, she’s apparently been harboring a lot of anger over what Charlie disclosed to her.

Charlie kept a whole lot of receipts thinking she was going to make money off the situation.

I do not think Charlie was paid by Amy for her work.

It amazes me that these people will just let anyone who volunteers have complete access to their phones, emails and social media.

I mean I would NEVER do that and I’m not on a TV show.

I’m not sure if Billie still has Charlie volunteering for her or not.

It would seem that the presentation of a dossier on Amy would have been a huge red flag.

Amy: Sonja Morgan

Billie: Dorinda Medley

Real Housewives of New York City

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