Everyone is wondering if this latest incident will serve as a wake up call to this accident-prone TV star, and whether his producers will force him into rehab.

That all depends on the answers to three questions.

“Is he an alcoholic?”

“Is he a coke head?”

Although he remains in staunch denial about his problem/s, the people around him already know the answers to these two questions.

However, it is the third question that is most important.

“Does he show up for work and do his job?” As of today, that third question can be answered in the affirmative.

Therefore, there are no plans to to fire him, to force him into rehab, or to even discipline him.

So that lady on hold with the rehab facility should just hang up.

There will be no wake up call today.

Jimmy Fallon (hand injury)

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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