Actress on a youth-oriented series.

Current employer: She is not important or valuable enough to deserve a substantial raise, and we are right to pay her only a fraction of what her costar makes.

Liars! You are happily exploiting the fact that she is physically and emotionally exhausted after a very long season.

You are also privately telling her that she deserves to be penalized for some unfavorable publicity in the past year that embarrassed your network.

However, since that publicity did not affect the show’s ratings, your argument is pretty weak.

Also, paying equal costars on a show vastly different amounts breeds resentment and affects performances and promotion.

Oh, and don’t think you can lure her back into negotiating with you in person.

She is holed up far away in a secret location.

Smart move on her part. You’ll have to deal with her people.

Actress on a youth-oriented series: Jennette McCurdy
Co-star: Ariana Grande
Show: “Sam & Cat”
Network: Nickelodeon
Unfavorable publicity: scantily-clad selfies


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