You need too stand back, because your teenagers are going to explode when we tell them about this young Hollywood love triangle!

This young and very pretty girl is definitely one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood right now.

TV and films. Millions of fans.

Everybody wants her.

Well, almost everybody.

The one person who isn’t too happy with her? Her actor boyfriend!

He was recently heard complaining about her over a meal with his parents at a Los Angeles hotel. “He was saying, “She’s young. She’s immature. She’s selfish. She’s annoying.”

He said that it was “So nice to spend time with adults.”

He was also talking about how he and [Young Actress] have broken up and gotten back together a bunch of times before but right now he is “under a ton of pressure to stay with her because of the publicity for his TV series and her project.”

So, what’s the big deal about a guy complaining to his parents about his girlfriend?

Well, this story has an interesting twist!

You see, our actor and his parents weren’t the only people at the table.

He brought a date with him. A girl.

His former girlfriend. Yes, she is also a celebrity!

“His parents really seemed to love his former girlfriend.

They were all drinking white wine and laughing and smiling and taking photos.

They seemed really comfortable together.

[The Actor] was really friendly with [The Ex].

They weren’t kissing, but he was rubbing her back and stroking her hair the whole time.”

This is odd because Young Actress was in town that day.

However, instead of bringing her to lunch with his parents, he brings his EX-girlfriend?

What’s going on here?

Well, it turns out that Actor and Young Actress ARE in a real relationship… but he is cheating on her with The Ex!

“He warned everybody at the table that they needed to keep this (the relationship with the Ex) private, because [Young Actress] didn’t suspect anything and they needed to keep it that way for a while.”

Hope Young Actress doesn’t find out she’s actually part of a little love triangle!

Emma Roberts
  Evan Peters
  Ex Girlfriend: Alexandra Breckenridge


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