The alliterate ex of the dead meth head singer will say anything to anyone if the check has enough zeroes in it.

She was the enabler of enablers because she wanted as much money to keep coming her way as possible without resorting to getting naked for strangers and doing other things with them too.

Melanie Martin

Aaron Carter

‘He had a hand in his relapse!’ Aaron Carter’s fiancée Melanie Martin accuses his manager of ‘overworking, using and enabling’ late star as he battled addiction in explosive post

The I Want Candy singer was found dead in his bathtub in his home in Lancaster, California on November 5

His manager Taylor Helgeson said he was concerned for his health when they met at a music studio two days before his death

Martin, 35, who is the mother of Carter’s only son Prince, one, took to Instagram on Friday to claim Helgeson ‘had a hand in Aaron’s relapse’

Former child star Carter spent his life blighted by drug addiction

Earlier this year, Carter said he wanted to focus on regaining custody of his one year-old son Prince before entering rehab

Prince, who he shared with Martin, is in the care of her mother.

Martin, 35, who is the mother of Carter’s only son Prince, one, took to Instagram on Friday to claim Helgeson ‘had a hand in Aaron’s relapse’ and pushed him to go back on tour as he battled addiction.

Soon after, Helgeson issued a statement refuting ‘both [Martin’s actions and false statements’ while claiming Carter had distanced himself from Martin prior to his death.

Former child star Carter spent his life blighted by drug addiction. It was reported law enforcement found prescription pills and cans of compressed air in the bathroom where he died. He claimed he was nearly five years sober before his death.

Sharing a screenshot of an article in which Helgeson spoke about Carter, Martin wrote: ‘I haven’t spoke out but I feel the need to now. This man did nothing to help Aaron. He enabled him so much.

‘All he did was put a wedge between Aaron and I for the party to start. I was even thrown off the tour bus by this man!!

‘He tried to take over and brought him things that should have NEVER been brought to anyone. Let alone an addict.

‘I struggled with trying to keep a romantic and family relationship and a business relationship because I tried to keep enablers away.

‘He overworked him when he was not well. He used him in life and now he’s still getting paid for interviews!

‘This man wanted to get Aaron’s career back but this wasn’t the time to do so. Aaron needed help and needed rehab to be sober before he could revive his career.

‘I am sick of people coming out of the woodwork now with false narratives to look like the hero.’

‘This man was no hero. He had a hand in his relapse. I tried to give this man the benefit of the doubt many times and he continuously disappointed me. Constantly using Aaron for clout and his belongings. You enabled him and tried to overwork him into something he was not.

‘I know I can’t bring back Aaron but I will always make sure the truth is spoken! I’ll protect Aaron for the rest of my life.

In his own statement, Helgeson fired back at Martin’s ‘false’ statements but confirmed that he had previously removed her from Carter’s tour bus after she displayed ‘extremely erratic behavior’ that became a safety issue.

‘Out of respect for the family, Aaron’s loved ones, and even Melanie we have not commented on her at any time,’ Helgeson began.

‘However, due to her recent actions, the most astounding of which are against the family of Aaron himself, we strongly feel the need to comment and condone both her actions and false statements.

‘Melanie was not and had not been with Aaron for some time prior to his passing, due to causing a domestically unsafe environment for both her and himself.

‘In regards to the tour incident it is true. Melanie was safely removed after displaying extremely erratic behavior including attempting to eject herself from the tour bus whilst it was moving down the freeway at an incredibly high rate of speed.

‘For her safety and the safety of the rest of the tour party I made the decision to remove her from the tour. I booked her a hotel, purchased her a plane ticket home and ensured she made it safely back where her family could look after her,’ he concluded. Source

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