This chef, who appears on a network, almost 24 hours per day, went to executives with an idea for a new cooking competition show and they jumped all over it and pushed a host with the same idea and shows in the can to a spot where no one will see it.

Tabitha Brown

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It’s CompliPlated


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Tabitha Brown speaks out after Food Network time slot shakeup: ‘I’m not going to change’

A Food Network star is speaking out following a scheduling shakeup regarding her TV show.

On Aug. 24, vegan cooking star Tabitha Brown took to her Instagram to share what she had on her mind regarding other people’s desire to change her. While wearing a very comfy-looking robe, Brown spoke candidly after news emerged that her Food Network game show, “It’s CompliPlated,” was being moved from its original primetime spot to weekday afternoons.

“Real quick, I know I’ve said this so many times before, but for whatever reason, people just don’t seem to believe me, OK,” says Brown in an Instagram Reel. “There is not a company, there is not a network, there is not a person, place, or thing that is going to change who I am.”

With her trademark sunny-but-direct disposition and a smile on her face to her 4.1 million Instagram followers, Brown continues to speak.

“If you don’t like the Tab that gives God glory, if you don’t like the vegan Tab, if you don’t like the cooking Tab, the mama Tab, if you don’t like my personality, if you don’t like everything that makes Tab Tab, don’t work with me,” Brown says, adding that she’s not going to change — for anyone. “I’m not going to shift a little bit for your audience. I’m not going to talk a little bit different for your comfort. I’m not going to change.”

“This is who God created me to be. If it ain’t enough for you, then you’re not for me,” she continues. “And if I bring it to your attention that, ‘Wait, I don’t like how this feels; I feel like you’re trying to change me or erase my personality or my culture,’ and you get upset by that instead of hearing me from my heart, I also don’t want to be in business with you.”

“It’s not personal for you, but it’s personal for me,” Brown said. “With that being said, my new show ‘It’s CompliPlated’ has been moved from Thursdays at 9 p.m. to Tuesdays at 1 p.m. on Food Network.” – Source

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