The screaming and fighting and the women he would take to his apartment instead of coming home have ended it.

That and the big secret she withheld from him because she says she was scared for her life.

She always ends up with these guys who she is scared of and who treat her poorly and she gives back.

She isn’t afraid to punch and scratch and throw things.

She is an Academy Award winning actress and it is fitting that she was telling people last night the marriage is over.

He has cheated from day one and told her she would have to put up with it.

Because he was honest about the other women she thought it was refreshing and let it go because she didn’t think he meant it.

He did though and cheated almost every day he had free time.

This was a horrible idea from the beginning and she even talked to one of his exes who said the guy was a horrible person.

Actress: Halle Berry
Guy: Olivier Martinez
Big secret: She used donor eggs
Ex: Kylie Minogue


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