A person looking to cash in on the anniversary of the death of this foreign born former A list singer, is also the one who was stealing money from the singer when the singer was alive and also sleeping with the husband of the singer.

Catriona Gourlay

Amy Winehouse
Husband: Blake Fielder-Civil

‘We loved each other but she was confused’: Amy Winehouse’s female ex-lover claims late star struggled with her sexuality

Amy Winehouse struggled with her sexuality, an ex-lover has claimed.

Catriona Gourlay, who was one of the singer’s closest friends, said the pair had an ‘undefined’ relationship where they ‘loved each other’ but it left the star feeling ‘confused’.

She made the confession on the BBC Two documentary Reclaiming Amy, which will air next week to mark 10 years since the singer’s death.

‘When I was 19/20, I’d already been in a long-term relationship with a girl at this point, so I knew who I was,’ Catriona said, according to Metro.

‘She [Amy] used to write notes while I was sleeping, “You were the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” and “How can you look as beautiful asleep as you do awake?”

‘Our relationship was so unique, undefined, we just loved each other very much and what I took from it, knowing her, is that she was confused about what it made her.’ – Source

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