The 12 Year Old

It has been said before that this B+ list celebrity offspring lost her virginity when she was in her early teens to an actor in his 20’s back in the day.

That was always bad enough, especially considering it was her mother who initiated that “romance” to get herself a part. However, it gets worse.

Apparently from the time this B+ list offspring ALL of you know reached the age of 5 or 6 she had been molested by several permanent A+ list actors and directors.

She was passed around between these men so her mother could keep getting roles and keeping her fame.

When our offspring turned 12, the mom decided to raise the stakes and auctioned off the virginity of her daughter.

It was won by this permanent A+++ list mostly movie actor who sweated his way through two or three minutes of sex with the tween.

It was not that far into the future that he paid for the services of the offspring again with another female tween who ALL of you also know.

Apparently he made them do things with other men while he directed the action and distributed the drugs.

He especially kept the two teens well fed and high on drugs during the entire 12 hour ordeal where they each were forced to be with multiple men and women including the father of one of the young women.

B+ list celebrity offspring: Tatum O’Neal

Parents: Ryan O’Neal, Joanna Moore

A+++ actor: Marlon Brando

Female tween: Melanie Griffith

Father of one of the young women: Ryan O’Neal

Melanie Griffith: Confessions of a Hollywood sex siren

For the 59-year-old star of 1980s hit Working Girl, playing the hard-drinking, chain-smoking middle-aged femme fatale would seem to be the perfect role.

If the story of Melanie’s career is one of talent never fully realised then her private life has rarely been anything less than sensational.

As well as the drink, drugs, plastic surgery and four marriages (two of them to Miami Vice star Don Johnson, as well as Antonio Banderas and Steven Bauer, who stars in TV’s Ray Donovan) she has now revealed a string of affairs with some of Hollywood’s greatest lotharios including Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson and Ryan O’Neal.

“I did have a little thing with those three back in the day,” she admits.

“Yeah, they were awesome! All of them. They were all men I have had. I’m friends with all of them, pretty much. I’m pretty sure there’s a couple I’ve forgotten about…” – Source

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