About a year ago, I wrote a blind in this space discussing how the permanent A+ list athlete had split with his girlfriend because of something the golfer has done before to other women.

Now, the girlfriend is a former girlfriend and wants to speak about what I wrote.

Tiger Woods

Erica Herman

Tiger Woods’ ex Erica Herman wants NDA nullified over sexual harassment clause

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, has filed a lawsuit against the golf legend asking to be removed from her non-disclosure agreement – citing a law that allows such NDAs to be voided if there’s proof of sexual assault or harassment.

Herman, 38, is seeking to legally nullify the NDA she was made to sign in August 2017 when she first started dating the 47-year-old golf star, according to court papers obtained by The Post on Wednesday.

She claims the NDA shouldn’t be enforced, in part, because of the Speak Out Act, which was put in place to protect sex assault and harassment victims.

There are no specific allegations of assault or harassment referenced in the court documents. – Source

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