These two A-listers, whom I’ve written about before, probably won’t ever be able to quit each other.

After a bad breakup decades ago, they have spent the better part of twenty years having the occasional clandestine affair.

Well this recent reconciliation has lasted a lot longer than the ones in the past, and now he wants to get married…again.

She likes having him on the hook now after how horrible he was to her while they were married.

She also knows he’ll never give up his penchant for underage foreign prostitutes, and that’s a huge deal breaker.

There’s also too many rumors swirling about the paternity of one of her children after she posted pictures of one of them on Instagram.

They hadn’t been photographed publicly since early childhood, and now there’s very little doubt it’s the A-lister’s kid.

Not her husband at the time.

She does not want a scandal over this.

It’s just too messy for her taste. She wants the great sex and the artistic inspiration. That’s it.

Madonna, Sean Penn (son Rocco)


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