This once A-list child star, now C-list celebrity clinging to the few gigs she has left has started shopping around a tell all memoir.

Only unlike her rival’s best seller, she’s going to name names and provide pictures.

The problem?

She was underage for most of her encounters, REALLY underage for this encounter with this B list musician/actor, and he isn’t the only one.

There’s probably about 15 high profile guys she slept with between the ages of 14-17, all in their 20’s at the time.

Coming out with this should destroy a lot of families and lives.

She doesn’t care.

She wants that best seller, and her name in every tabloid for months.

A-list child star: LeAnn Rimes
Rival’s best seller: Brandi Glanville “Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders”
B list musician/actor:


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