This former B list actor called out a former A+ list talk show host for being homophobic.

Her supporters will point to her long time friendship with the gay lawyer/fixer as proof she wasn’t.

Not so fast.

She used the fixer/lawyer to get people out of her way through extortion or whispers to management.

Mario Cantone

Barbara Walter

Roy Cohn

Mario Cantone Says ‘You Can’t Say Anything’ Because Of Cancel Culture

Mario Cantone says cancel culture has everyone on their toes.

The comedian appeared on the “Allison Interviews Podcast” to talk about his career, being a gay man in Hollywood, and the way cancel culture has changed the new generation.

“You can’t say s**t anymore. You can’t say anything. They come after you. I wouldn’t want that job. I would never do it,” Cantone shared. “Joy [Behar] has stuck her foot in her mouth. Whoopi [Goldberg] is one of my closest friends. I adore her, and Joy is too.”

Goldberg was suspended from “The View” recently after controversial comments about the Holocaust.

The 62-year-old was a frequent guest on “The View” and even stepped in as a guest co-host in 2005. Despite rumours of enlisting him as permanent host, he revealed it was never in the cards.

“At the time that I was doing ‘The View’ a lot of people asked me, ‘Were you really being considered as a permanent co-host?’ No, but it was big press for me. I ran with it at the time, but it’s a woman’s show,” he explained. “That is the way that Barbara Walters wanted it, and that is the way Whoopi wanted it.” – Source

Good riddance, Barbara Walters 2013

When she’s not interviewing famous people, Walters is partying and vacationing with and occasionally dating them. Former relationships (dutifully recounted in her boldfaced-name-heavy memoir) include Sen. Edward Brooke, former Bear Stearns head Alan Greenberg, and Alan Greenspan, who I guess has a type. She’s buddies with war criminal and society fixture Henry Kissinger. She’s old friends with make-believe TV tycoon Donald Trump. She testified at the Brooke Astor trial, because Astor was, of course, a close friend.

she, legendarily, pretended to be seeing (romantically) Roy Cohn, the notorious scumbag McCarthyite mob attorney who was also, notoriously, a closeted gay man (who had persecuted closeted “deviants” while working with McCarthy). Cohn was one of the slimiest and most detestable characters of the entire 20th century. He was finally disbarred, in part for his hospital visit to a dying and incapacitated millionaire in which Cohn held up the man’s hand and had him “sign” a codicil to his will naming Cohn the trustee of his estate. Despite his moral bankruptcy, Cohn remained a member of elite Washington and New York society his entire life. Walters said she was and remained close to him because he helped her father with a legal matter when she was a girl. But this also seems to explain why they were “dating” in the 1950s:

Did Cohn have a secret “nice” side?

“I would not use the word nice,” she laughs. “He was very smart. And funny. And, at the time, seemed to know everyone in New York. He was very friendly with the cardinal, he was very friendly with the most famous columnist in New York, Walter Winchell, he had a lot of extremely powerful friends.”

There’s nothing wrong with weepy celebrity interviews. They can be fun! But for some reason Walters long ago was slotted into the “serious journalist” category despite her total lack of journalistic ethics and her tendency to interview her close, personal friends. Her legacy as a breaker of barriers is sound. Her habit of using her position to protect and cover for some of the worst abusers of power in the world should also be remembered as we are forced to spend the next year celebrating her achievements. It’s actually remarkable how, in a city and an industry full of very powerful people, not all of whom are corrupt monsters, Walters has consistently grown close to the worst that the elite has to offer, from Steinbrenner to Trump. And that attraction to the blackest, most soulless exemplars of American power is probably why she’s been so phenomenally successful. – Source

Ricky Martin Recalls Feeling “Violated” By Barbara Walters’ Question About His Sexuality

Ricky Martin was “afraid” to come out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community during the early days of his career.

In an interview for People’s Pride issue, the American Crime Story alum spoke about what it was like to be asked if he was gay on television by Barbara Walters. At the time, Ricky had not yet publicly shared his sexuality. When Barbara asked him to shut down the rumors that he was gay, he initially refused to answer, and eventually said, “I just don’t feel like it.”

Ricky came out publicly in 2010, and is now married to the artist Jwan Yosef, who he shares four children with. However, he said that he still has “a little PTSD” when he thinks back on Barbara’s invasive question.

“When she dropped the question, I felt violated because I was just not ready to come out,” the “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer explained to People. “I was very afraid.” – Source

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