Still no offers for work for this former A- list mostly television actress from a hit pay cable show she walked away from.

She thought she was going to be a huge movie star but the launch movie crashed and burned in a huge way.

Emmy Rossum


A Shameless goodbye: Emmy Rossum previews her ‘moving’ exit and Fiona’s new life

It’s hard to picture Shameless without Emmy Rossum, but that will soon be the reality when the actress steps away from the beloved series that her character, Fiona Gallagher, has been the heart and soul of for nine seasons.

“I was 23 when the show started and it’s been pretty remarkable the confidence that it’s given me,” Rossum, now 32, tells EW. “It’s been a long, wonderful journey and I’m so close to my Gallagher family that to walk away is quite bittersweet, but it did feel like it was time for the character to spread her wings and that there was less need for her. I never want something to just feel like a job and so I’m leaving while I still love it.”

It has been far from smooth sailing for Fiona down the stretch, with the aspiring entrepreneur’s life crashing down earlier this season, sending her into an alcohol-fueled spiral. But, as the most recent episode ended with Fiona hitting rock bottom and going to an AA meeting, Rossum appears to be getting both the “messy darkness” that she loves and the happy ending.- Source

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