I love writing about sisters. Most of the time in Hollywood they get along. If they are both in the industry they do compete, but there are not that many cases where they don’t get along. Now, if one is in the industry and one is not? Forget about it. They usually end up hating each other. Oh, there is one actress who used to be an A list tweener. She gets along with her sister because the actress sister buys all the drugs and introduced her to some guys the non-actress sister wanted to meet. One of my favorite sister pairs who hate each other also includes a former Tweener. Also A list. She is now a B-, but still has a high name recognition because of that former A list Tweener love. The non famous sister is a sometime actress, but, nothing that is going to make you ever possibly remember her for a role. Let us list the reasons why the non famous sister hates the famous sister:

1. Skipped bridal shower. Did show up at the wedding though.
2. Skipped bridal shower because she was having sex with the groom.
3. Had sex with the groom after the wedding. The groom left the bride thinking he was going to get to be with the famous sister who then told him she would get a restraining order if he came near her.
4. The famous sister wanted to go to Europe and didn’t want to go alone. Less famous sister had just got a great gig. Famous sister called someone and got her sister fired. Yep.
5. Famous sister needed a boyfriend for the night for a premiere. Borrowed a guy non-famous sister was dating. Ended up sleeping with him.

Popular guess: Ashley and Jennifer Tisdale

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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