This former A list mostly movie actress who was once in the top three actresses on the planet and still has A list name recognition is lonely. It is not like she is old.

She is aging but has so many fake parts that aging might be on hold forever.

She has an A list mostly movie actor husband but he is the cause of what is going on in our actresses’ life. She tends to shop a lot.

She is out shopping almost everyday. At this point no one is willing to hire her for the roles she wants. She thinks she is in her 30’s and wants to be a sex symbol.

She can’t accept that she has become older and needs to play mothers and maybe even grandmothers to get roles. So, she shops and spends hours in stores and only buys enough to keep the sales people talking to her each time she goes in.

She might spend $200-300 a day which seems like a lot but is probably less than she would spend on therapy and doesn’t make a dent in the millions of dollars she has.

Her husband has not slept with her in ages and prefers women in their 20’s who give him that extra bit of kink he has learned to crave.

Our actress would probably be up for it because she definitely used to be up for anything but he doesn’t even give her the chance any longer.

He trots the wife out for red carpets and photo ops and when she is sober. He says he is spending time away from her because she is not sober any longer.

A very very close relative told me though that he is the reason she slipped and is back boozing and doing some drugs again.

That she was trying to face being rejected by him and his insistence they not publicly split. She wanted to but he told her she would never get anyone ever again.

The guy is a an a-hole and she just smiles and pretends to the world that everything is great while she sinks further and further into a pit of depression. This will be revealed.

Melanie Griffith


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