This celebrity Mom is so protective over her daughter that she single-handedly sabotaged her daughter’s relationship!

[Celebrity] just didn’t like [the Daughter’s Boyfriend].

She read all the messages the kids had exchanged (without Daughter knowing) and decided that she didn’t like the way he was speaking to Daughter and that he was too controlling and making Daughter feel bad about herself. She sent the Daughter some messages from a fake account pretending to be someone who used to be friends with the Boyfriend and accused him of all kinds of things.

Her plan worked, because Daughter and Boyfriend had a big fight and broke up right afterward!

I asked her if any of the accusations she made were true, and she basically said that it didn’t matter and that the only thing that mattered was that her messages did the trick and that Daughter was now safe.

“Nobody messes with MY little girl!”

Given the Mom’s own rich relationship history, it’s interesting that she is now so controlling about who the daughter dates.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann
Daughter: Brielle
Boyfriend: Slade


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