The former A+ list celebrity/reality star continues to talk about her past and is rewriting a lot of it.

She seems to have totally forgotten the release she signed and the paperwork to set up a LLC she signed so that the millions of dollars she was paid for the s.ex tape could be deposited.

She didn’t have to do those things.

No one would have ever seen the tape otherwise.

Paris Hilton

In 2004, Paris Hilton Was A Victim Of Revenge Porn. She’s Still Dealing With The Trauma

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Paris Hilton has revealed that her infamous 2004 sex tape leak is “something that will hurt me for the rest of my life.” Seventeen years later, she’s still dealing with the repercussions, including long-term trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.

“It’s always there in the back of my mind,” Hilton said, calling the nonconsensual leak and following media frenzy “humiliating.” “When it happened, people were so mean about it to me,” she said. “The way that I was spoken about on nightly talk shows and the media, to see things with my family was just heartbreaking. I would be in tears every single day, I didn’t want to leave my house, I felt like my life was over.”

Today, the release of the tape by Hilton’s ex, poker player Rick Salomon, would be considered revenge porn. “It was a private experience between two people,” Hilton explained. “You love someone, you trust someone and to have your trust betrayed like that and for the whole world to be watching and laughing … It was even more hurtful to me to have these people think that I did this on purpose — that killed me. It still gives me post-traumatic stress disorder to talk about it.”

Hilton has previously spoken about the trauma she endured from the leak in the 2018 Netflix film The American Meme. “It was like being raped,” she says in the documentary. “It felt like I’d lost part of my soul and been talked about in such cruel and mean ways. I literally wanted to die at some points. I was like, ‘I just don’t want to live,’ because I thought everything was taken away from me.” – Source

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