While all reality stars create drama to get attention, this Mom is one of the worst.

She is part of an ensemble reality show, but she says or does whatever it takes to bring attention to herself, whether it’s to solicit admiration or envy or pity.

Guess that’s not enough.

She wants more.

She wants her OWN reality show featuring her family!

She says that it will be like the Kardashians but with more money and more class.

She sees a big cast, with all of her kids dating a rotating cast of famous people and having fabulous lives.

She isn’t doing this for the money or the fame, though.

She is doing it for her children. Right.

All members of the family have to sign off to get this to work, and, as of right now, one of them is holding back.

We’ll know in a few months if they acquiesce and if her plan succeeds.

Yolanda Foster

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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