This singer/reality star is always talking about how she wants one guy and one guy only and wants to settle down and doesn’t trust anyone and wants to stay celibate until she gets married again, hooks up with guys on dating apps, every single week and makes them sign a NDA even though none of them really know who she is.

Tamar Braxton

‘I Am Disappointed’: Tamar Braxton’s Ex-Boyfriend David Adefeso Responds to Singer Accusing Him of Cheating, Files Cease and Desist Order

Tamar Braxton’s ex-boyfriend David Adefeso has responded to Braxton’s allegations of cheating with a cease and desist order against Braxton. This after she in recent days claimed via Twitter that he had been cheating on her. The Nigerian businessman insists that he was faithful and told TMZ that Braxton “continues to make fabricated accusations about our relationship and has now created a false narrative of an affair that never occurred.”

Via social media, Braxton accused Adefeso of infidelity on Saturday, March 27. She wrote, “He was cheating with his then assistant now cfo since 2019 Jessica 😒.. God fixed it🙏🏼🍀 in response to a tweet from comedian and singer Jessie Woo. Woo had written: “It ain’t none of my business but… I really liked your fiancé. He was a good man Savanah! But filming that show with you know who wasn’t a good idea for you two. Maybe God can fix that? If not, I pray God sends you your Boaz ❤️.”

Braxton then replied, “One day…imma meet him🙏🏼🍀❤️.”

Adefeso’s publicist sent a copy of the cease and desist letter to Atlanta Black Star. In the letter, Adefeso not only asks Braxton to delete the tweet by close of business on April 1, but to also issue a statement “confirming the falsity of your tweet and the fact that Mr. Adefeso never cheated on you.” The order also asks that Braxton “instruct all recipients of your defamatory statements involving Mr. Adefeso to also refrain from publicly and privately disseminating additional defamatory and disparaging statements regarding Mr. Adefeso to any additional third parties in written, oral, video, or any other format.” Another of the order’s seven demands includes that Braxton “cease and desist from engaging in any and all direct contact with Mr. Adefeso and his family.”

He also sent a statement that reads, “I am disappointed that Tamar Braxton continues to make fabricated accusations about our relationship and has now created a false narrative of an affair that never occurred. Not only did I love her so much that I never gave another woman a second look during our relationship; I have been celibate since July 2020–9 months ago, in an attempt to heal. – Source

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