This foreign born former A+ list rapper now knows what it is like to be on the receiving end of her criminal husband’s demands.

Maybe this will change her opinion of him and toss him out in the street.

Nicki Minaj

Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj Responds To Alleged Assistant Exposing Her & Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj denies the claims of an anonymous person on Instagram who has been dishing her alleged “dirty deeds” in a series of posts.

The person is under a fake account using the name of an Atlantic label executive and claims that she is Nicki Minaj’s former assistant. “I am Onika ex assistant who she fired for absolutely no proof of fraud with her bank account. I’m exposing all the files I have from working with her. Along with the voice messages she sent me regarding many different people not just Cardi B,” one of the slides on Instagram stories read.

In a series of posts, the woman seemingly reveals Minaj’s son’s name as Amadeus Cyril Petty. Minaj gave birth to the baby boy in September 2020 and has never revealed his name, only referring to him as Papa Bear publicly.

The woman also makes several allegations about Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, whom she alleges “mentally and physically abuse” Nicki Minaj and sexually harasses her female members of staff. She also alleged that Kenneth pushed Minaj off a lodge and that “Meek isn’t the only abuser.”

The account has since been deleted on Instagram and Twitter. Still, several others have popped up with more claims on Tuesday, including that Minaj was living in rental properties and that she owed the IRS $173 million since 2016, and that she had allegedly paid a man by the name of Robert Sammuels 75,000 dollars to promote her upcoming song. The account accused Minaj of Payola.

Even Bia has been implicated in the saga with the account urging the “Whole Lotta Money” artist to “tell them what happened at that mansion.”

In the meantime, the account also claimed that the real reason Nicki Minaj has refused to work with Doja Cat is because of “Roger Adams and what he did to your career in 2012.”

The account also claimed that the rapper had done hard drugs in the past despite denying that she has never used crack. The account also claimed that Megan Thee Stallion might know something damaging about the Pettys and claimed that Jay-Z and Beyonce allegedly cut off Minaj due to Petty’s past rape conviction.

Meanwhile, none of the artists mentioned has spoken out, and Nicki Minaj herself issued a denial claiming that the attempt was a takedown by “another fan base,” which she did not name.

“They claimed they worked for me and now they spilling tea, chile. The tea sounds so f**king dumb and for a person to believe it you would have to be dumb,” Minaj said on Instagram Live.

“It’s clearly a kid, do you know how much money you would have to make to owe that amount of money to the IRS? I didn’t see the other stuff, what else they said?” Minaj asked. – Source

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