This actress is still very young. She is legal though and doesn’t really have anything to do with her parents. When I think of a child who was corrupted by Hollywood this actress is going to be at the top of my list at least in the past decade. She started acting at a young age and was always around men who were older and she always wanted to make a good impression. She knew she was competing for roles against other girls her age and she wanted to stand out. The thing that made her stand out was she was a good actress so she ended up getting the more indie type roles and she always lost out to the Fanning sisters for the popcorn type roles. She was jealous of the sisters and also wanted more fame for herself. She wanted the big roles so it was easy to be seduced by the men who made her promises of bigger roles. It was nice when they took her shopping and when she got a little older they would take her out to dinner. When it was a private room at dinner they would usually give her booze and a touch or two of coke. She never said no. To anything. When she was still in her mid-teens she was saying yes to lots of things and fell under the spell of one man in particular who took advantage of her always wanting to please and never saying no. He has put her through an emotional and physical roller coaster. He has criticized her weight almost constantly to the point she doesn’t really eat but she does drink. He uses her all the time and she doesn’t care. She thinks they are in love and he pretends they are while making sure he “manages” her money for her. She doesn’t do anything or go anywhere without asking him. By this point she is so wrapped around his finger that he doesn’t even bother to go on the road with her to keep her under his control. She wouldn’t dare cross him and no matter how many people tell her to run from the guy she won’t.

Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons


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