This back in the day one year wonder turned reality star/celebrity is taking lots of drugs.

Do not be shocked if before going to rehab, she decides to play a publicity game with the A+ list rapper.

Shanna Moakler
Miss USA 1995

Kanye West

Shanna Moakler spotted out for the first time since boyfriend Matthew Rondeau ‘arrested for domestic violence’ … after accusing her of infidelity in furious social media video

Shanna Moakler’s beau Matthew Rondeau was arrested for felony domestic violence following a physical altercation on Thursday, TMZ reported
Rondeau was taken into custody after cops were called to Shanna’s California home where she allegedly had ‘visible marks on her body’
The incident comes after Rondeau shared a disturbing and angry video on Shanna’s Instagram page where he accused her of cheating on him

Moakler’s sighting came just hours after her boyfriend was arrested following an altercation. The alleged fight between the couple is said to have begun on Wednesday and stemmed from the accusations of infidelity on Moakler’s part.

‘So, it’s over, K? Oh lord is f**king right, so record me now because this is done,’ a furious Rondeau shouted into the camera in an Instagram Live.

The video was shared to Moakler’s account though she did not appear in the tape or seem to give permission. It has since been removed.

‘I’m done. I’m never talking to this f**king specimen of a f**king human again,’ the 29-year-old spat at the camera. ‘The truth is I found out that she was talking to other f**king people the whole entire time in our relationship, that’s the truth. That’s the whole f**king truth and I didn’t say a goddamn f**king thing.’

Rondeau was walking around outside of Moakler’s home while shooting the Instagram Live and screaming into the street at the home of a neighbor where he said his girlfriend is said to have holed up for the night.

‘We have a laptop that we f**king share together. My name pops up in the f**king laptop; this f**king a**hole is talking to her exes,’ Rondeau shouted.

‘She’s a f**king wh**e, I don’t give a f**k, you can quote me on it. It’s f**king done. You are never gonna f**king see me with this f**king c**t again, I don’t give a f**k.’

The expletive laden rant and subsequent arrest came just days after Shanna and Matthew were seen out and about packing on the PDA. – Source

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