This actress is an Academy Award nominee/winner. Excellent actress.

Still very young. Quiet.

Trying to pry a personal answer from her is just not going to happen.

Those boyfriends of hers just fade away when the press of the movie does.

Always funny how they seem to tie together. She doesn’t like to do that but feels forced.

She likes to stay silent like Jodie Foster. The thing is she dates women who have only come out. She has no interest in other closeted women which makes things much more difficult. Plus she is not exactly the most open person even to her lovers.

This was the reason she recently split with the woman who gave our actress her biggest break to date. Casting couch?

Not so much casting couch as our actress heard about the role and then went in for the kill with the producer a few months before casting and by the time casting came around our actress was the only choice.

Our actress is not friendly enough or popular enough to be automatically be lined up with certain roles so she might be forced to eventually open up or come out.

Jessica Chastain, Kathryn Bigelow “Zero Dark Thirty”


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