Every night for the past week, this actress I mentioned in the big space not that long ago, has sat at the bar of a hotel from 7pm  -720pm.

The hotel, which has two first names and is very much boutique, is not too far from the places that makes an appearance in this space from time to time.

She always goes alone and has one drink while looking at her phone.

She leaves exactly at 720pm.

Morena Baccarin


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Morena Baccarin Is Teaming Up With Pierce Brosnan For A Violent New Movie

Deadpool alum Morena Baccarin is set to star alongside Oscar nominee James Caan and Pierce Brosnan in the upcoming thriller Fast Charlie. Loosely based on the Gun Monkeys novel by Victor Gischler, the movie is being directed by Phillip Noyce of Blind Fury fame. An original screenplay for the feature is being penned by Richard Wenk who previously worked on The Equalizer. Daniel Grodnik and Mitchell Welch will serve as producers.

As reported by Deadline, the story follows Charlie Swift who’s been employed by Stan (an aging mob boss) for twenty years. Over that time he’s expertly worked as a hitman and prolific fixer. When a rival mob leader tries to eliminate Stan (James Caan) and his crew, he fails to get rid of Charlie (Pierce Brosnan). Now, the hitman/fixer will stop at nothing to avenge his boss, with no plans to leave anyone alive. Along the way, Charlie teams up with Marcie (Morena Baccarin) the ex-wife of a mobster he killed. Together, the unlikely duo seeks revenge against the rival mob. – Source

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