AP (Enty’s friend & spy) got into a conversation with this A list model.

The model has recently been seen with a very wealthy internet maven all of you know.

Without really asking or anything, the model says her rate is $200K per month, and she is waiting to see if he wants to go for another month.

Raven Lyn Corneil

Jack Dorsey  – Twitter CEO

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey buys Raven Lyn a multi-million dollar starter house

A few days ago, good ol’ Vlad the Revealer queried Yolanda about who bought an eye-catching contemporary located way high up in the Hollywood Hills, on a quiet street just off iconic Mulholland Drive. Interestingly, records reveal the property was acquired by a mysteriously-named entity set up by a prominent Silicon Valley-based lady lawyer famous for having a very well-heeled clientele, including many of the richest people in tech.

Some of Ms. Lawyer’s clients include Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene, Google’s Sergey and Larry Brin, and Riot Games co-founder Brandon Beck. And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. So naturally Yolanda’s curiosity was piqued.

Well, a wee bit of research reveals — much to our surprise — that the brand-new contemporary home’s proud new owner is actually a 23-year-old model named Raven Lyn Corneil. – Source

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