This entertainment athlete turned reality star is running out of money due to excessive spending which is why she is thinking about coming back to the sport.

Nikki Bella

WWE Star Nikki Bella Teases Coming Out of Retirement, Fans Send Support

Nikki Bella wanted to gauge fan reactions on a possible return to the ring, and even though it probably ain’t gonna happen, everyone is still holding out for a miracle.

One half of The Bella twins took to Twitter Sunday morning and filmed a video while wearing a familiar outfit.

“I’m feeling like I need to come out of retirement,” Nikki said while wearing her trademark Fearless crop top, paired with a backwards cap and a very tiny pair of booty shorts.

“Well, I wish … we all know why I can’t,” Bella followed up, referencing her neck injuries and subsequent surgery that forced the WWE Superstar to hang up her belt earlier this year at the age of 35. – Source

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