She’s said to be getting ready for a third trip down the isle — while pulling a Meagan ‘I’m Celibate Till Wed’ Good — but sources reveal ‘Choosy Susie’ is the real McCoy on our blind item. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Ray J, who witnesses say they recently spotted with her in H-Town. “She was wearing an engagement ring while she was all over Ray J.” She’ll be the first to boast about being a gold-digger, but what she doesn’t want you to know about are her paid transactions with certain media outlets … which are reported to be giving her guap for drops on the Jackson family. Know why? Because she once called Randy her BFF. She’s set to soon peel off her all-white wardrobe to play another Diamond, after being cast as a stripper … again. This time, we’re told she’ll be showing her tata’s … to stay a So So Mo-Fo factor. Can someone please provide us with birth records proving she’s actually related to one ‘Pretty Young Thung’ lady lyricist?

Lisa Raye “Lap Dance”


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