She is sweet and pretty on the outside, but don’t let this actress’ docile appearance fool you! She spent years being dragged through the tabloids over her last marriage. Even though the situation was a complete nightmare, she managed to handle the attention with external grace. She exacted her revenge very quietly and methodically behind the scenes, and walked away with nary a scratch. She is much tougher than she looks. So when a third-rate actress – with whom she had never worked or socialized – recently took a swipe at her, Actress 1 took the same approach. She wasn’t about to allow herself to get dragged down into the mud with someone who so readily puts all of her personal business on the front page. No, instead, she took a swipe back at her in a small gathering of influential types. One of them brought up the fact that Actress 2 had recently made some nasty comments about her. Actress 1 casually remarked, “Really? Well, I guess if you have a plastic face and a plastic chest and industry connections but you still can’t find enough work to pay your bills, you have to do something to get yourself some attention!” Meow!

Actress 1: Katie Holmes
Actress 2: Tori Spelling


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