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This former A- list tween actress who starred on multiple hit shows for the predator cable channel does not look well and her life at the present seems to have had some bad luck.

She is emaciated and withered.

She’s lost a lot of weight and looks like she has aged 5 years in just one. She is apparently out of money and supposedly evicted from her apartment last month.

She’s selling off a lot of her old clothes online, and she no longer has a car.

She was apparently arrested last month on the charges of stealing from her own grandmother.

The exact charges are “grand larceny and theft by deception”.

Court date coming up next month.

In her podcast she admitted to an eating disorder and thoughts of suicide.

Jennette McCurdy

Dan Schneider


iCarly star Jennette McCurdy writes about eating disorder

Trigger Warning: Eating Disorder Discussion Below

At age 11, McCurdy remembers her obsession with food and dieting commencing, as her mother pushed her to count her calories, portion out her meals and compare her size to other child actresses. She mistook her mother’s neurosis for love and care, when really all she needed was someone to help alleviate the pressure of getting cast for roles.

At age 18, McCurdy was on a hugely popular Nickelodeon show, her mother was terminally ill with cancer and she had a deal with a fancy record label. She recalls all the crippling tension and pressure making her turn to food. Binge eating and purging became part of the vicious, toxic cycle by age 21. Now, McCurdy could eat all she wanted, self-loathe and then throw it back up to remove the guilt.

“My disordered eating was reinforced wherever I went and by whomever I saw. I’d lose weight and go to a wardrobe fitting where the stylist would look at me excitedly, wag a pair of double 0 jeans and happily singsong, ‘Down a size!’” McCurdy said, according to the article.

Her agent and producers would compliment her appearance and encourage her to keep up whatever she was doing. Little did they know McCurdy was muting them on the phone while she purged her “spicy tuna roll.” It is evident that the young actress’s destructive behavior was obvious to those around her, but no one ever confronted her or asked her to seek help.

Eventually, at the age of 23 when McCurdy was on the brink of death several times, she decided to try seeking serious help in which she described the recovery as brutal. “It felt like breaking up with a bad boyfriend whom I loved even though I knew I shouldn’t,” she said, according to the article. “He treated me poorly, he ruined my life, he consistently devastated me — and yet, without him, who was I really?”

The actress has since relapsed a couple of times, which her therapist Hank said is a huge part of recovery, but has been doing well for the past two years. Other famous celebrities have been candid about their struggles with eating disorders and body shaming, such as Demi Lovato and Jameela Jamil. Their stories are powerful and influential on the many young women around the world dealing with the same battle. – Source

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, call the National Eating Disorders Association hotline at 1-800-931-2237.

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