The Oscars may be over, but there is one celeb who just can’t seem to get over being passed over!

She thought she was a shoe-in for a nomination.

She thought she was a shoe-in for a win.

However, the Oscar voters simply passed her by.

Most professional actresses would shrug it off.

After all, a professional actress can expect to play fifty or more roles over her career, and understands that you need to have a “You win some, you lose some” attitude when it comes to nominations for major awards.

However, this woman put her ego in front of everything to take this role.

She completely neglected her primary career (which was not going well), thinking that it would be her crowning achievement.

Instead she is coming to the realization that she is no longer the queen of anything.

Her selfishness absolutely infuriated those who depend on her, and cost her millions of dollars and the respect of the people who work for her.

She is now throwing herself back into her primary career, but she is incredibly depressed that she is not winning in any area of her life right now.

Does Prozac come in the large economy size?

Oprah Winfrey “The Butler”


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