Speaking of judges, this one named foreign born female singer hired a hitman to kill a judge.

The judge found out about it and took himself off the case of the singer.

The singer has previously hired people to threaten and kill members of her family who she feels were not loyal enough.


Shakira’s 10 biggest controversies

Shakira was once engaged to Antonio De La Rúa, the son of former Argentinian president Fernando De La Rúa, who resigned amid political strife. In a case of severely poor timing, Shaki chose to feature her man in the music video for her hit song “Underneath Your Clothes,” shortly after his father’s resignation, prompting a ton of backlash from fans who were still living through the political chaos.


In 2012 he ex filed a lawsuit against her, claiming that after being in a relationship with the star for 11 years, he deserved some part of her earnings. He initially asked for $250 million and in a later lawsuit, $100 million. Two years later, the suit was finally dismissed, but not before a long period of what Shakira describes as “harassment.”

A few years ago Shakira made some comments in an interview about her baby daddy and longtime partner Gerard Piqué being “territorial” and banning her from making music videos with attractive men. Well, that didn’t go over so well with the public who essentially admonished her for letting a man control her. She later clarified that she and Pique are very much equals, but we still can’t help but wonder…

So yeah, it recently came to light that Shakira transferred $30 million in musical rights to an offshore account in Malta, and is among a number of other celebrities who are using offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes on portions of their fortunes. The account lists Shakira as a resident of the Bahamas even though she lives in Spain. According to her lawyer, none of it is illegal, but it’s still pretty damn shady. – Source

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