If you are a celebrity and date this foreign born A list singer/DJ, he will start off nice and eventually turn into the tool he is. His relationships never last because he is such a tool.

All of you know who he is.

If you are not a celebrity, or not very well known, then he treats you like crap almost from the outset. This one named celebrity who dated him for a short time was warned by an ex of the DJ to never get drunk around the DJ or lose control over your actions in any way.

Apparently this ex had got drunk and the next thing she knew, the DJ and a group of his friends were all se.xually assaulting her.

She heard from several other women who had been with the DJ who had similar experiences.

Our one named celebrity says she took the warning to heed and noticed that whenever the DJ was with male friends and our celebrity was there he would get visibly angry if she wouldn’t drink or do drugs.

When they were alone, he didn’t care.

A list singer/DJ: Calvin Harris


Rita Ora


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Calvin Harris publicly dumped Rita Ora after she made a ‘secret’ trip to LA

There you are, two high-flying people who rarely get to see each other… Nothing says “I’m desperate to spend time with you” than having your driver bring you to a hotel instead of your boyfriend’s LA house. Thing is, there’s not that many drivers in LA. Things have a habit of getting out.

The 30-year-old DJ – who announced earlier this month he had ended his year-long relationship with the I Will Never Let You Down star – reportedly felt the singer was being “too vague” about her whereabouts after they flew into the US for separate visits at the same time, and Calvin was left furious when he coincidentally used the same driver as his then-girlfriend. That’s a bit morto for everyone involved.

A source told The Sun: “It all ended when the driver suggested to Calvin that he had taken Rita to a hotel two days earlier instead of driving her to stay with him.”

The Acceptable in the 80s hitmaker was said to be suspicious that Rita had even hidden in her make-up artist’s hotel room for the day to avoid being photographed in public, which would have alerted Calvin to her presence.

It was recently claimed that Calvin announced news of the split on Twitter before informing the 23-year-old. Can’t say I blame him. – Source

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