This three named actress who used to be A list hates apologizing for anything.

So, even though she totally appropriated something that was not hers to appropriate, she won’t say sorry, and will just move on as if nothing has happened.

She told her PR team to ignore it too.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Kat Florence
Jewelry designer

Sarah Jessica Parker Reaches Settlement in $6 Million Jewelry Lawsuit

Sarah Jessica Parker has worked out her issues with a famed jewelry designer in their dueling lawsuits over a partnership gone south.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the jewelry designer, Kat Florence, filed court docs informing the court a settlement has been hashed out.

The designer explains lawyers for both sides met this month to try and resolve the case before trial. The docs note, “The parties were able to reach an agreement as to most of the issues involved. Although there are a few additional details that need to be agreed upon, the parties are very close to resolving the matter and have in fact been exchanging drafts of a Settlement Agreement.”

SJP and Kat Florence agreed to not go forward with depositions and will focus on finalizing their deal and end the battle.

As The Blast first reported, Sarah Jessica Parker was sued by Kat Florence, who accused the “Sex and the City” star of breaching a $7.5 million deal for a new line of jewelry.

Florence said she and SJP signed an endorsement agreement in 2015 but things quickly went south. She claimed SJP made it difficult to schedule a launch event, refused to attend other promotional events and made her acting career first priority before the line.

The designer even claimed SJP was loaned $150k of jewelry for a photo shoot but the items were never returned. The actress denied the claim or that she committed any wrongdoing.

SJP would counter-sue Kat Florence for $6 million in damages, claiming she was owed money on the contract. The actress said she held up her end of the deal but said Florence made unreasonable demands that weren’t in their contact, including making over 100 Instagram posts, monthly interviews and inviting the company execs to special events. – Source

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