Reader Blind: The spouse of this wannabe future A++ lister who has been in the news a lot has recently had some sad news.

As a result, since she is facing an uncertain future, she has started to look for the child she had as a teenager and gave up for adoption.

This is not a story that is public yet but she is planning to make an announcement soon especially if she cannot locate her child.

Casey DeSantis

Ron DeSantis
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Gov. DeSantis looks forward to First Lady ‘kicking cancer to the curb’ by next Thanksgiving

Thoughts and prayers are sustaining the First Family through a tough year.

In Fort Lauderdale Tuesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis expressed confidence in First Lady Casey DeSantis‘ health, after she announced her breast cancer diagnosis last month.

He said that while this Thanksgiving may be challenging, he expects next year’s holiday to be a more full-scale celebration, predicting the First Lady would succeed in “kicking cancer to the curb” by then.

“It wasn’t exactly the Thanksgiving we maybe envisioned at the beginning of the year. But I’m confident we’re on the road to, you know, next Thanksgiving. We’ll be able to celebrate a lot of great things, but one of which will be my wife kicking cancer to the curb,” DeSantis said during a press conference related to local appointments.

The Governor expressed appreciation for “all that people have done to provide thoughts and prayers to my family, particularly over the last month and a half.”

The First Lady “really appreciates the strong outpouring of support,” DeSantis added.

“It does make a difference. It increases your spirits. It gives you, kind of, more of a will to fight. And I’ve seen that up close and personal first hand,” Gov. DeSantis said. – Source

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