This trio is in our blinds again once I heard about this story from someone in their camp.

Couple gearing up for divorce and the husband is with a new girl and the wife is losing it even though she is with someone else and has cheated on him for years.

Her ego is large and his new girl is very popular and the newest “It Girl.”

She has pulled every trick in the book to break them up.

You read in a lot of gossip stories that the “It Girl” who is laid back and everything opposite from the wife and the equally laid back husband had broken up. But that wasn’t true. The wife has had them watched constantly and when they went a few days without seeing each other, she had him photographed without the girlfriend and planted stories that they ended things and he is going back to the wife in hopes the girl would get upset and tired of the rumors and take a hike.

The wife then hit the red carpets just giving a smug smile when a reporter would ask if there was a reconciliation.

She had a good run for a few days and enjoying all the talk about them getting back together…but of course reality comes knocking at some point and her plan didn’t pan out.

The “It Girl” didn’t bat an eye at all the plotting and gossip stories….nor did she even deem to respond to the rumors.

She don’currrrrr.

She’s busy.

The husband has now stopped allowing her to use the kids to manipulate him into falling into her photo-ops and her calls are going unanswered by him.

She makes her assistant call him so he’ll answer, then grabs the phone and gives him the Riot Act for not answering…

I mean what if something happened to the CHILDREN??

You will see the divorce filed very soon now.

The wife convinced him it was best to hold off until after the holidays for ‘the children’s sake” but it’s a possibility he might decide otherwise.

He’s concerned that no matter how laid back his new girl is, everyone has a breaking point and his soon-to-be Ex seems eager to find it.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Chris Martin
Jennifer Lawrence


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