This B list mostly television actress goes from one hit show to the next but not in a good way. In the past five years she has been on two hit shows and on a potential third. On the first show she managed to stay for almost the full run of the show even though she was having sex with two married producers just because they were also having sex with other actresses on the show. On her last show she thought she would do the same thing to make sure her place was secure. The married producer she chose was into it, but then the show runner discovered it and a big stink was made and the actress was fired. With another chance she has now moved on from married producers and is tying her fortune to this A list mostly movie actor turned to television who is loving the attention of the young actress.

Actress: Michelle Trachtenberg
Hit Shows: “Gossip Girl” and “Weeds”
Potential: “Mercy”


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