Judging by the outbursts as of late, I think the former tweener turned A- list adult singer has moved beyond California sober and is back to hard drugs.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is the latest celebrity to turn ‘Cali sober,’ trading in alcohol for weed.

Demi Lovato has been outspoken about her near-fatal drug overdose and recovery in her recent YouTube docuseries, “Dancing with the Devil.”

In the final episode of the four-part series, Lovato revealed that she’s not taking an abstinence-based approach to her recovery this time around. Instead, the singer said she was going “Cali sober.”

“I know I’m done with the stuff that’s going to kill me,” Lovato said in the docuseries.

But when it comes to cannabis and alcohol, Lovato said quitting all substances would be “setting myself up for failure.”

There’s no agreed-upon definition for “Cali sober,” so when people use the term, it could mean anything from consuming very little alcohol, mostly weed, and no other drugs, to only using cannabis and forsaking alcohol and other drugs altogether. Some people consume weed and psychedelics but draw the line at alcohol and hard drugs, The Cut previously reported. – Source

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