This talented girl is the star of an ensemble television show. She has lost a fairly dramatic amount of weight since the first season of the show. She says it was only ten pounds, but it was actually closer to twenty pounds. She attributes the maintenance of that dramatic weight loss to a lot of exercise at work, a healthy diet, and vitamin shots. Ha! We know her real secret to weight control: cocaine! The girl has gone from wholesome ingenue to coke fiend in just the last couple of years. Will she go to rehab? Actually, we don’t see that happening anytime soon. This girl is very ambitious and very image conscious. Her image is such a package of lies that we find it hard to believe that she would publicly admit to anything that would make her look like she wasn’t in total control of her life. No, we think that she is more likely to dance around the issue for the duration of the series. Do her costars know about her problem? Absolutely! And they are particularly concerned about her habits given that a former costar also battled a drug problem… and lost.

Lea Michele, “Glee”, Cory Monteith


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