This actress is one of my favorites. Well, she was. She never is in anything now. Sure she shows up in a movie a year that took her two weeks of work to complete. Nothing else though. Not for the past two to three years. She has had an interesting ride. There was one point about a decade ago that she was about A list mostly movies. Even five years ago she was a solid B and was dating one of the hottest guys on the planet. Even straight guys would want to date this guy. There is no such thing as a gay woman around him. She was dating him and it was serious. Then they got into a fight because they were together literally 24/7. They decided to take some time off. They each went to go film some things and she ran into an old friend. A very rich friend. A guy who has taken care of her in the past when she had not been working as much and needed some cash. A guy who kept her out of trouble when she had a little coke arrest. He kept it from going on her record or the press finding out. She owed him and he would collect once or twice a year and she was happy to pay. This time it was different though. An A+ list celebrity married to an A+ list celebrity wanted to spend some time with her. It would have to be very hush hush. Would she be interested. She agreed to go to dinner with her benefactor and the celebrity and the pair clicked. They ended up spending two hours together that night and over the next couple of years spent a few hours here and there together. The thing is the guy is very busy and often wants to see her last minute so she can’t really take any other jobs because she wants to be there for him even though he is married. Even though he is cheating on the actress with other celebrities, she has given up everything including the actor who keeps begging for her to come back and be with him.

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