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This former A- list actress who still writes, but rarely acts, has been trying her hand at being a foster mom, but it hasn’t gone well.

She rarely makes it longer than a few days before saying she can’t handle it and returns them.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham Opens Up About Her Failed IVF in Emotional Essay: ‘None of My Eggs Were Viable’

Lena Dunham is opening up for the first time about her journey toward motherhood via in vitro fertilization — and the difficult emotions surrounding the fact that it didn’t pan out.

In support of her candid new essay for the December cover of Harper’s Magazine, the writer, director and actress, now 34, talked exclusively with PEOPLE about why she decided to open up about her experience with infertility, particularly after having her cervix, uterus and one ovary removed at the age of 31 due to chronic endometriosis.

After first exploring adoption, Dunham was surprised to learn from a new doctor that she “might have a chance of harvesting eggs” with her remaining ovary, which could ideally be fertilized via donor sperm and transferred into a surrogate in the hopes of resulting in a healthy baby.

Unfortunately, the process didn’t go the way the Girls alum had hoped. “I learned that none of my eggs were viable on Memorial Day, in the midst of a global pandemic,” she writes in her essay for Harper’s Magazine. “I was in Los Angeles when I got the call from Dr. Coperman, the slight Jewish man who was my entry into (and now exit from) the world of corporate reproduction.” – Source

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