This actress likes to keep her personal life quiet and her sex life even more quiet.

Super quiet.

You would be hard pressed to identify more than one person this actress has been with over the years.

Not that long ago, she was much more open about her sexuality.

Now, she doesn’t hide the fact she prefers women, she just does not speak about it publicly like she used to.

One of the reasons is she thinks it might damage her burgeoning career which has seen her move up to A-/B+ list. She loves being famous and loves that she is known now for being an actress and does not want every conversation to revolve around her sexuality.

Another reason she stays quiet is that she has become the go to person for older actresses who are deep in the closet.

Our actress has been seeing several B list actresses who are in their 60’s up to their 70’s who love that someone is there for them and is young and will keep their secret.

Sarah Paulson


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