This under-30 actress takes herself very seriously.

She has already been rewarded for her professional work, but wants to be role model to young girls.

She already brushed off one actor she didn’t like at an awards show because of his past behavior towards someone else.

She is also being rather cool towards her costar from a movie that is in theaters this year.

He didn’t do anything to her personally.

She just doesn’t like the fact that he engaged in a bit of faux dating for the publicity (including this very famous pop star).

She says that it’s all about integrity and if they don’t have honesty and integrity in their personal lives, she doesn’t want to be around them.

She says it feels creepy and insincere when he is nice to her because she knows that he was so eager to fake a personal relationship for PR.

She smiles and hugs him for the cameras, but as soon as the photos are taken, she walks away from him.

Given her own personal history, she might want to chill on her judgement about other people’s personal lives.

Brie Larson
Actor She Brushed Off: Casey Affleck
Costar: Tom Hiddleston
Their Film: Kong: Skull Island


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