This foreign born A list celebrity/p..n star/seller of anything/drug addict in her own country had done it.

No one had to know about the drugs and what led to her getting beaten.

She was going to take the abuser back and drop all the charges.

She was in the clear.

Then, she had to get wasted on booze and coke and almost killed herself in an accident.

Katie Price


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Fears for Katie Price: Ex-model is ‘a total mess whose partying is out of control’ say friends as she faces JAIL over 6AM drink-and-drug-drive crash in ‘dash for more drugs after all-night binge’

Friends have expressed their fears for Katie Price’s health after she was arrested for smashing her BMW allegedly on the way to pick up more drugs after an all-night drink and cocaine binge.

The former glamour model, 43, who is currently serving a six-month driving ban, was said to be in a ‘bad way’ when police arrived and allegedly arrested her at the crash site on a rural lane in Sussex.

MailOnline understands she had been up all night taking drink and cocaine before leaving her property at 5am to pick up more.

A source said: ‘Katie is on a downward spiral. After an all-night bender. It’s a new low, even by her standards.’

Another source told The Mirror: ‘Katie is a total mess at the moment. Her partying is out of control and has really ramped up over the last few weeks.’

And close friend Michelle Heaton is said to have begged mother-of-five Katie to get professional help and return to rehab.

A picture – tweeted by a police officer – showed a damaged BMW lying on its side across a lane near the scene of the incident at just before 8am. Its mangled front is wedged into the bushes and an ambulance can be seen on the road behind.

In a series of Instagram statements released on Ms Price’s Instagram, her family say they have ‘for some time been concerned about Kate’s wellbeing and overall mental health’, adding: ‘Today our worst fears nearly came true’.

And Ms Price’s fiancé Carl Woods posted a statement on his Instagram on Tuesday, saying ‘Katie is a rough diamond, she has her imperfections, however they make her perfect to me’.

It has been claimed that the former glamour model had been driving in a car that was given to her as a gift by Mr Woods several weeks before the crash, The Sun reports. A source said: ‘Katie was only given the car by Carl a month or so ago. She’ll be gutted it’s now written off. But the important thing is that she’s OK. It’s just a car.’

Ms Price has been experiencing a turbulent year, and was recently seen with bruising to her face after an alleged assault at her home in Essex.

She could face jail time following the accident because she is still serving a six month driving ban after refusing to tell police who was driving her pink Range Rover following a crash in Bexley, south east London in November 2018. – Source

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