This popular male singer is completely reckless and out of control. We believe that there are many reasons for this: Drugs. Alcohol. Bad friends. Too much fame too early in his life. Too much money. Not enough people willing to say “No” to him. Too many girls who are willing to have unprotected sex with him. One of the women with whom he has been having sex is a pretty young dancer who used to work at a very popular L.A. hotspot. He caught her act several times and soon asked her to join his tour. She wasn’t just a dancer on his payroll. She was also his sexual partner in between his trysts with other girls. Yes, there are always lot of girls. Our guy has a voracious sexual appetite. Very recently (within the past few weeks), our dancer discovered that she was pregnant by the singer. Oops. His management team told her exactly what they expected from her. Baby? No! She would get an abortion, and in return, she would get a lump sum of cash and she would get to keep her job. She initially refused the offer. The management doubled their efforts. They told her that if she didn’t get an abortion, that she would be fired from the tour and that they would make sure that she never worked professionally again (No, we don’t know exactly how they were going to ensure that happened). This is a young girl with no money, no higher education, and no job skills except dancing. She was up against a rich and powerful celebrity and his rich and influential management team. She took the deal. She had the abortion just a few weeks ago… and went right back out on tour with him as one of his dancers.

Justin Bieber


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