Poppy has had her share of triumphs and trip ups in the past couple of years.

While she tries to appear strong on the outside, she still struggles with a lot of issues.

Her friends and family believe that much of that inability to resolve her issues stems from her inexplicable and completely toxic relationship with one of Hollywood’s biggest jerks.

Slimy the Actor is one of the most emotionally abusive guys in Hollywood.

Nice on the outside… and nasty and evil on the inside.

Any time it seems like Poppy is righting herself, Slimy is there to trip her up again.

The first thing that we despise about Slimy is that he cheats on Poppy constantly. We’ve told you before that he keeps a closet full of sixty or seventy cum-stained costumes for his conquests.

He prides himself on never washing them so the girls can see the stains of how many other women he’s been with.

Classy, right? Poppy’s friends tell her all the time about his cheating, but she is in pretty serious denial.

She does occasionally muster up the courage to confront him, but even then he has a way of turning the conversation around and making it seem like it is her fault that he does it!

It’s her fault that he fucks every girl that comes on to him!

It’s her fault that naked photos of her were stolen from his phone by one of his whores!

If she paid more attention to him, he wouldn’t need to go looking for sex elsewhere!

Of course these arguments are nonsensical.

But she is convinced that if she just tries harder that he wouldn’t do these things.

Her “trying” isn’t working so well.

Slimy just fucked an extra on the set of a movie he’s filming.

The second thing that we really despise about Slimy the Actor is how critical he is of Poppy the Singer.

While she tries to project confidence on the outside, Poppy actually lives in a chronic state of insecurity and anxiety about how she looks.

And while Slimy did not create the problem, he keeps it alive and well through his unrelenting criticism of her.

Slimy constantly and relentlessly mocks Poppy’s hair, her clothes, her makeup, and her weight.

Especially her weight.

Poppy has had body issues in the past, and Slimy just loves to torture her about it.

Slimy doles out ten criticisms for every one compliment he gives her.

Of course, that one compliment is always public so people will think that he is a nice guy.

Poppy practically lives for that one compliment, and is so grateful when it comes, that she forgives him for all the nasty remarks.

A few weeks ago, Slimy and Poppy went out to a chicken wings restaurant in LA.

Slimy spent a good portion of the meal telling her that he was embarrassed to even be seen with her because she didn’t know how to dress, hair looked ridiculous, and that she shouldn’t even be eating because she was too fat.

She started crying… and he walked out.

Slimy took the car and left Poppy at the restaurant with nothing but her cell phone.

He knew that she had no money or credit cards with her, and no way to pay for a cab.

So she stood on the sidewalk, calling friends and friends of friends, crying about how mean Slimy had been to her, and begging people to come pick her up and drive her home.

Poppy the Singer is really trying to live a clean life. But, as anyone who has ever been through a 12-step program knows, you need to surround yourself with sober people in order to stay sober.

Well, Poppy’s boyfriend, Slimy the Actor, is definitely not sober.

Neither is Slimy’s best friend, Lucky.

They party constantly with drugs and alcohol.

Lucky and his girlfriend Junkie are also serious heroin addicts.

Would anyone recommend that Poppy date or hang out with these kinds of people? Anyone?

Hanging around with them is obviously not a smart move for Poppy.

This leads us to the third reason that Slimy is The Worst Boyfriend: Every time that Poppy gets clean, Slimy is the one who reintroduces her to drugs and alcohol!

If you ask Slimy, though, it’s not his fault. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of his kitchen!

He isn’t the one forcing her to drink or do drugs.

It’s just that his life is one long party, and if she isn’t down to party with him, he will find someone who is.

So here’s what happens: Poppy gets committed to her sobriety.

Slimy goes off to party without her. When he does this, he punishes her by ignoring her for days at a time.

She gets anxious and nervous about losing him.

He tells her that if she wants to be with him then she has to join him.

She eventually caves in and joins him and relapses.

He blames her for relapsing, telling her that she is weak and a loser.

And every time he tells her that, she believes it a little bit more.

It’s a sick and vicious cycle. The thing that we dislike most about Slimy the Actor is the emotional blackmail that he uses to control his girlfriend, Poppy the Singer.

Yesterday, for example, Poppy was furious about the lies of an ex-boyfriend named Lucky… who just happens to be Slimy’s best friend.

Furious… yet she sent a nice tweet about Lucky. Huh?

That doesn’t make any sense! Well, we happen to know who was really behind that tweet: Slimy!

Poppy was really angry about the lies that Lucky told in a recent interview.

Why was Lucky telling people that he didn’t lose his virginity until he was 20?

She knew for a fact that Lucky had had intercourse with at least five girls long before the age of 20! And so on.

Poppy started yelling by phone, by text, and by email, ranting (“That fucking liar! THAT FUCKING LIAR!”) to her friends and family and Slimy about how Lucky always lies about everything!

He lies about her relationship with him, about his virginity, about his drug addiction, about his sexuality, about his girlfriend, about the sex tape, about the purity rings, about the Hollywood Records contract, etc.

And, in this case, his lies made him look like the good guy and her look like a pity case and a negative influence on him.

Why did he have to drag her name into this?

Poppy was yelling and crying and ready to ream out Lucky.

Her friends and family agreed. Lucky had crossed the line and needed to be smacked down.

One of Poppy’s family members jumped online and fired a shot at Lucky.

Her tweet accurately reflected the feelings of Poppy and everyone around her. And then Slimy stepped in.

Slimy told Poppy that Lucky was catching heat from people about his fake tell-all, and that Poppy needed to “back the fuck off.”

Poppy was appalled. How could Slimy be more concerned with supporting Lucky’s lies than in defending his own girlfriend?

She refused. Slimy then contacted Lucky, who subsequently called his manager and his publicist.

Did you know that Lucky’s father/manager and Lucky’s publicist are also Poppy’s manager and Poppy’s publicist? You do now!

Together, Slimy, Lucky, the manager, and the publicist quadruple-teamed Poppy into backing down.

Yep, four grown men versus one young girl. They told her that she would look like a bitch and that she wouldn’t sell albums or books or concert tickets if she didn’t behave like the bigger person.

They not only didn’t want her to say anything negative about Lucky… they wanted her to get online and support the very person who had just lied about her!

Poppy, still hurt and angry, said no. Then Slimy, the ultimate nasty manipulator, fired the final shot.

He told Poppy that if she didn’t get on Twitter and say something nice about Lucky… he was going to break up with her!

Poppy broke down and cried. Then she agreed to publish the tweet.

How does Slimy get away with being such an asshole?

He is older, colder, more confident, and very manipulative.

Poppy is younger, more emotional, insecure and hungry for acceptance and approval.

We think that Poppy has the potential to be a very happy and very healthy person…

but only if she is able to recognize that the company she keeps is a significant contributing factor that prevents her from healing and moving forward.

We really hope that, as she matures, she will be able to break free from people like Slimy who pretend to be on her side…

but who are actually emotionally abusive and damaging to both her person and her career. Now we’ll leave it up to our readers to advise Poppy about what she should do.

Yes, she’s reading your comments.

Poppy: Demi Lovato
Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
Lucky: Joe Jonas
Junkie: Blanda Eggenschwiler

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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